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ashlingtumbls said: wwwwwWWWWW……. (Not liking things is much harder than I expected it would be) (Also weird day? I hope everything’s okay!!)

Ahhh, you are a darling!! And no worries, things are just a bit out of sorts. Can’t find the comic page I was working on, and I was just working on it, too. It’s like the file just digitally vanished from my computer. 4 hours of work, poof. OAO;

kyumeskrap said: omg dat face! so glorious! and…too bad! I will like (love) this forever and ever and everrrr!! //gets smacked//

LOL, no way, It’s supposed to be unlikable! XD //smacks some sense into you//

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Replies: ACNL/Radera/Greninja/Kazma/Music

Heh, some super late replies. X)

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